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Spring Washer Wires

These are shaped wires in Round, Square, Rectangular or Trapezoidal cross section manufactured from high carbon steel generally conforming to EN-42B/En-42C. The wires are custom built for the taper required. Wires for spring washer are supplied in drawn & annealed finish. These wires are used in the manufacture of spring washers, circlips, laminar seal rings and snap rings.
Type: High carbon steel
Diameter: 3.0mm – 10.0mm (for round wires)
Application: For making all kinds of spring washers, circlips, spring for automotive seating systems, wave springs, spiral rings, wave washers, oil seals, laminar seal rings and snap rings.
Packaging: In 200 – 2000Kgs weight coils wrapped with stretch film and HDPE with proper identification tags.