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Chain Link & Roller Chain Wire

Singhania Wires™ manufactures special wires which are supplied in coils in spheroidised annealed phosphate coated drawn condition to facilitate cold forming. Wire for roller chain has excellent surface finish and have tight and consistent tolerances. These wires are used in manufacture of chain pins, roller chain bushing and rollers for use in manufacture of automobile and industrial roller chains. These steel wires are also used in cable trays and conveyor belts. These wires can be supplied in round of rectangular cross section (as flat wire). The microstructure of wire contains uniformly distributed fine carbide globules in ferrite mix. All the properties like hardness, TS, size tolerance, surface coating etc. can be maintained as per customer specifications.
Type: Carbon, Alloy & Stainless steel
Diameter: 2.5mm – 9.0mm
Application: For making roller chain pin, roller, bushing, conveyor belts and cable trays.
Packaging: In 200 – 800Kgs weight coils wrapped with stretch film and HDPE with proper identification tags.