“For a company built to last, it must invest in what will fuel it for generations to come – Its Infrastructure”

We, at Singhania International, have incorporated best practices and modern production techniques in all our manufacturing units. Our 10,000 sqm. integrated manufacturing plant consists of hi-tech machines and technically sound operators. The complete production process is thoroughly screened for consistency in quality of the end product. In addition, we have an indigenous packing and storage space of ever 50,000 sqft for handling of incoming raw material and finished goods at Sahnewal, Punjab.

 We have a clean and state of the art acid pickling and phosphating unit for cleaning the surface of wire rods and giving a rust-free wire surface with uniform phosphate, lime, borax or rust-preventive oil coating according to our customers’ requirements. Our baking ovens for wires ensure rust free wire surface, delivering good quality wires steadily.

Our ultra-modern PLC controlled spheroidising electric bell-type annealing furnaces with Nitrogen and Hydrocarbon inert atmosphere ensures NIL decarb in our annealed wires while achieving spheroidisation rates of up to 95% in our processed wires. The wires undergo gradual heating, soaking and controlled cooling in an inert atmosphere to achieve the desired mechanical, metallurgical properties & microstructure.


Some of the machines and facilities installed at our manufacturing unit are as follows:


  • Inverted vertical bull blocks
  • PLC Controlled fully automatic Electric Bell Type Annealing furnace
  • Horizontal bull blocks
  • De-scaler for wires upto 12mm
  • OTO-Pulley Type Wire drawing machine
  • Straight Line wire drawing machines
  • Overhead & floor cranes for material handling
  • Automatic wire coil wrapping and packing machine

In house R&D team, with experienced engineers, and our state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and equipment, integrated with tool design and development ensures smooth functioning of all operations. This in turn helps us innovate our products and services thereby delivering highest level of quality, consistency, and cost effectiveness.

SIL has in-house spheroidizing annealing and wire drawing facility for making CHQ steel wire of diameter up to 30 mm. Our automatic temperature and atmosphere-controlled bell annealing furnace ensures maximum machinability, ductility and uniform micro structure, thereby leading to enhanced surface finish to the final product.


The 10,000 sqm facility is equipped with advanced cold forging and stamping set up including:


  • 6-station nut and part formers
  • Multi station bolt part formers
  • Thread rolling machines.
  • Multi spindle nut tapping machines
  • Special nut tapping machines
  • Nylon washer crimping machines
  • Hydraulic Presses
  • Castle nut slot cutting machines
  • Wire drawing machines
  • Bell annealing furnaces
  • Wire straightening & cutting machine
  • Spring washer coiling & cutting machine
  • Universal milling machine
  • Surface grinder
  • Tool and cutter grinder
  • Cylindrical grinder
  • Center-less grinder
  • Other auxiliary machines


Our team of experienced technical and mechanical engineers supported by their helpers, regularly maintain all our equipment as per scheduled maintenance plan, thus ensuring high reliability and fewer breakdowns of equipment.

Our infrastructure helps us maintain our quality while meeting our customer’s strict delivery schedules with minimum lead times.